Full Moon Solstice Fire Salute! Friday, June 21 @ 6PM

in Nicaragua where the Ocean meets the jungle, meets the sky, standing on rocks forged by fire, I found my prayers.
I learned to pray to the Earth, to the Elements and the Ancestors, and it changed my life to find gratitude all around me.
So I am bringing that sacred practice back home to Plymouth, MA this Saturday June 21 for a Full Moon Solstice Celebration.
We will practice Fire Salute, an all levels yoga class combining movement and deep breath work to burn away whatever we are looking to leave behind, have a Full Moon elemental fire ceremony to consciously manifest our next phase of life and a party to celebrate in community!
Pacha Mama, Mother Earth: Thank you for the grounding of my feet, for the stability you provide, the bounty you offer, I come from you, I am of you, ashes to ashes dust to dust someday I will return to you and I offer deep reverence all along the way.
Father Sky, I thank you. The energy of the ether and the wind, the ability of see the big picture and learn from our mistakes, moving forward with discernment, I thank you and honor you.
Sister Ocean: Thank you for the ability to flow with the tide and flux with the moon. The circle of life and cycles of me, every breath is a new beginning, each wave cleansing me and washing me clean, t thank you.
Brother Fire: I thank you for the ability to burn away that which no longer serves, transmuting our trauma into the window the carried us forward and raised us upward like the Phoenix rising from the flame, I bow in gratitude to you.
Ancestors: thank you for all that you have done, for all who have given, for all the love you spread and the healing you provided. Thank you for all of your efforts, your suffering and your resilience. I how deeply to you, I thank you, i honor you.
Please allow healing to spread through my lineage.
Today I move the pain through me, into the Earth, into the Ether, I burn it away, I wash it clean so it will never touch my grandchildren, so my grandparents are free from it.
Join me this summer Solstice in practice and ceremony as we lay down some prayers, burn away some shit, and practice being in conscious community together.
6pm in Plymouth, Ma on Solstice June 21, under the Full Moon next to the Ocean. Message me for more details and to sign up.