Goddess Awakening Retreat

February 26 - March 4, 2023

Playa el Coco, Nicaragua

Yoga, breath work, sound healing, ecstatic dance, Thai Massage and so much other goodness awaits you on this transformational journey to reawaken the sacred feminine within. During this week of retreat you will have the opportunity to go deep, delving into your divine nature, uncovering the Goddess within. With ample time for relaxing by the pool or walking the pristine beach and playing in the Pacific, both steps from your room, this week will leave you refreshed, renewed and EMPOWERED. 
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Your retreat with us includes:
  • Accommodations within steps of the Pacific and also a lovely pool
  • Daily therapeutic yoga sessions with Michelle specifically designed to nurture you
  • 4 Daily and Nutritious meals and pre-yoga snacks, coffee and juice
  • Specialty workshops such as Thai Massage, Holotropic Breathwork, Meditation, Facial Cupping, Fascial Release and more!
  • Access to the Turtle Hatchery where the baby turtles make their trip to the Ocean

Optional Activities (not included in price)
  • Zip lining excursion
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Surf lessons
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Meet The Instructors

Michelle elbow

Michelle Fleming

Michelle is a Yoga Therapist, a Thai Bodyworker, a Nerve and Artery specialist and a Board Certified Structural Integrator in the lineage of Ida Rolf. It was through these complementary practices of wellness that she healed her body - and from there Orthopedic Yoga Therapy was born.

These days she trains teachers and students to find a fluid pattern of movement that protects and nourishes the joints while stretching the muscles and connective tissue and quieting the mind. She is the owner of Sanctuary Wellness Studios, Director of Orthopedic Yoga and Transformational Yoga Therapy and founder of Equilibrium, a non-profit dedicated to bringing breath, movement and nutrition education to young people with anxiety and mood disorders. 


Andrea Spacek

RYT-500 & Women's Empowerment Coach

Andrea Spacek has been teaching yoga, leading women's retreats, goddess moon circles, and guiding transformation journeys for more than a decade.

She is certified as an RYT-500, Jungian & Co-Active Life Coach, Astrologer, Thai Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Women’s Temple Facilitator. Her passion is exploring the frontier of the soul, and activating human beings to their highest potential. map of human consciousness, archetypes, and the psyche.

Andrea did her advanced YTT with Brooke Sullivan at The Wild Temple School in the lineage of Sri Vidya Tantra. As a teacher, her intention is to use the practice of yoga, in its many forms, to create a container into which you can expand your awareness, root our intention, ground your bones, and experience freedom from within, all through joyous movement!

Andrea has woven these incredibly rich teachings together into courses, coaching sessions, retreats, yoga classes, and the very fibers of her being in service of YOU and every human who is ready to come into Sacred Union with their Higher Self and become who you incarnated on this planet to BE.

Find out more about her at: www.andreaspacek.com

Andrea’s retreat offerings:

During the Goddess Awakening Retreat, Andrea will be offering Yoga Nidra, Tantra Yoga Practices, and Restorative Yoga, combined with Thai Massage and Guided Visualizations, designed to take you on a profoundly cosmic soul journey through different feminine archetypes.

By tapping into these different aspects of the Divine Feminine, you awaken the Goddess that stirs within your soul, activating dormant shakti that is encoded in your cells.

Andrea will be available for 1:1 Sacred YOUnion Coaching Sessions and Thai Massage throughout the retreat. Contact her directly to schedule your session at (508)737-3972.

Keriann Koeman

Certified Instructor for “The Movement Experience”.

An accessible and practical approach to somatics and embodiment that centers on the cyclical and felt feminine experience.

For the past 20 years Keriann has been facilitating groups of varying types and backgrounds. Most recently, women’s circles and movement experiences online and in person at her tulip farm.

The Movement Experience has been what has brought light to Keriann's life. It is a revolutionary yet relatable embodied movement practice that reminds you to be kind, curious and accepting of who you are instead of striving for who you think you should be. By slowing the pace, freeing the tension and teaching you to feel your way it transforms the way you connect to your body and changes your relationship with yourself and your lived experience.

This isn't fitness, it's freedom. Where self-discovery is fueled by movement.
It's challenging, therapeutic & liberating. It's unlike anything else and you're gonna love it.

Follow her on Instagram @Keriann_Koeman and sign up for her newsletter to learn more and find out about upcoming in person and online events and retreats including her special mini- retreat in the Tulips - she dares you not to find your joy in 1 million tulips!


Keriann’s retreat offerings:

During the Goddess Awakening Retreat, Keriann will be offering a 90 minute mini retreat experience.

This will include:

  • 40-45 minutes of embodied movement to awaken the goddess within
  • 10 minutes reflection and journal prompts
  • 30 minute Goddess Circle- a safe space to connect, share and to empower and be empowered, be heard, be seen and be supported without judgment.

Keriann is also available for 1:1 discovery sessions by phone or in person at the Goddess Retreat. She will create a personalized mini or full movement with specific journal prompts for your goals and needs. Reach out prior to the retreat via Instagram /email at Keriann@wickedtulips.com or meet her by the pool looking out over one of the most gorgeous beaches in Nicaragua.


Laura Tadd

PhD- Psychological Astrologer

As a spiritually oriented, psychological astrologer, Dr. Laura Tadd loves supporting people as they learn to live an authentic life, recognizing their resiliency, power, and sovereignty. Having been exposed to numerous counseling modalities, Laura has found an astrological worldview to be a uniquely effective and astute methodology.

With compassion and humor, Laura provides insight and tools to help her clients be active participants in their healing and actualize their potential. Rather than focus on prediction, Laura’s work emphasizes healing and personal growth.

Astrology has been a part of Laura’s life since infancy. So much so her astrology chart hung above her crib. Yet, despite this early exposure, it was not until her mid 20’s her passion for astrology took hold. While attending Antioch University, Santa Barbara, she joined a women’s group that looked to astrology to aid its members in understanding their lives’ ups and downs. Attending these weekly gatherings proved to be a fortuitous decision, as she spent the next 18-months doing a deep dive into astrology.

After earning a certificate in Psychological Astrology as a Professional Astrologer from Astrological Counseling Seminars (ACS), Laura began working as a consulting astrologer. As her astrological work developed, it became evident she needed to return to graduate school to broaden and deepen her work. Exploring the lived experiences of astrologers in the 21st century, she received a PhD in Human Science from Saybrook University in 2014.

Today Laura works as an astrological counselor, teacher, and lecturer both in-person and remotely.