Who We Are

Evolution Trainings is a collaborative of highly trained educators, doctors, professors, and innovators working at the conjunction of ancient medicine and modern science, distilling practices that teach healing, without harm.
Our mission is to help people become the most healed, the most whole, the most connected, successful, joyous, evolved versions of themselves. Our wish is to help people find harmony in body, mind, heart, and with their surroundings. 
We offer professional trainings, healing retreats, and one-on-one healing sessions.

Michelle Fleming

Michelle found yoga and it saved her life. She stumbled into a class one afternoon and found it was the first thing that made her intense anxiety and depression dissipate. After finding that her scoliosis was worsening with the practice, and a series of accidents that Doctors said would leave her wheelchair bound by 30, she dove deeply into the science behind the practices in an effort to find a safe and effective way to retain the exhilarating flow she loved so much.

She has since become a Certified Yoga Therapist, a Thai Bodyworker, a Nerve and Artery specialist and a Board Certified Structural Integrator in the lineage of Ida Rolf. It was through these complementary practices of wellness that she healed her body - and from there her practice was born.

After living and learning all over the country, she now teaches internationally, bringing her unique style of yoga to students of all levels, ages, shapes and sizes. She has been teaching for over 25 years and training teachers since 2005. She believes it is a blessing to be able to bring people the gifts of a strong body, a quiet mind and a blissful spirit.  

Michelle is the person to see when you have tried everyone else.

Her treatments are highly personalized and uniquely adapted to you and your body. Using a hands-on approach based in manual osteopathic manipulation, neuro-vascular work and structural integration, Michelle works to heal everything from micro to macro, meaning from blood vessels, nerves, organs, cranial systems, bones and connective tissue to general body alignment and how freely your body is moving.

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Anna Mulholland

Anna brings 18 years of experience and extensive study to her therapeutic bodywork practice, including massage and Structural Integration. Her collaborative work is oriented to rebalancing and integrating the human body as a holistic structure to align with gravity and foster ease of movement. Structural Integration is in the lineage of Ida Rolf teaching and follows the belief that finding ease where there are restrictions will permit human growth potential. Anna will address your specific complaints within the context and educate you to empower you in systemic healing and in contextualizing your symptoms as a consequence of injury, habit and normal adaptation gone awry. 

Anna is constantly engaged in expanding her repertoire of skills and techniques for her own pleasure and your benefit, including personal skills, divination strategies and self-care techniques explained in ways that permit buy-in and exploration. Anna has deep respect for each of her clients and recognizes that they are the expert on themselves, seeking clues and insights that they can incorporate into their lives. She is truly a partner in wellness, ready to seek out those sources that clients don’t recognize, while respecting their ultimate authority on themselves.

To read more about Anna, you can read her origin story on Substack!


Dr. Charla Hathaway

Dr. Hathaway received her PhD. in clinical sexology at the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality with a specialty in teaching intimacy. She is a Certified Surrogate Partner Therapist through the Institute for Mind Body Therapy. Her books on enhancing intimate relationships, 8 Erotic Nights and Erotic Massage, have been translated into many languages. She is a certified Sexological Bodyworkerand studied to be a Sacred Intimate at The Body Electric School. She has studied Tantra and sensual massage at Esalen Institute.

As founder of Austin’s BodyJoy Intimacy School, for twenty years she helps thousands of students learn new ways to touch, talk and play (that feel safe and authentic) in classes, workshops, retreats, meet-up groups, newsletters, as well as private sessions. She encourages students to slow down, listen to their body, value their desires, articulate them, change their minds, and always respect the choices and boundaries of their partner(s). 

She has presented at national conferences including the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, have written numerous magazine articles, was a columnist for my local newspaper for ten years, taught erotic massage classes around the world and on international cruises.  Producing two solo shows on sex work, her first short video, Uncle Bob is Dressing Like a Lady, won the People’s Choice award at Austin’s Erotic Film Festival.

Charla is grateful for the gifts aging brings to her body and relationships she feels more pleasure, curiosity, and aliveness–along with ease and appreciation.  Being authentic in the bedroom, spirals into confidence in the boardroom…and all of life.  When we honor our bodies and give voice to our desires while respecting other people’s choices, we feel the joy of intimacy.

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Dr. Katina Manning

Dr. Katina Manning strives to awaken the healer within through hands-on workshops, retreats and mission trips.

Dr. Katina Manning holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, as well as a Bachelor of Science and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. She furthered her holistic studies with Acupuncture, Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, and the Touch of Health Approach. 

She is also the founder of Wellspring Chiropractic in Duxbury, MA which offers a multifold approach to healing where the layers that mask and burden the body are removed, spiritually and physically, to allow for adjustments that awaken, encourage inspire to heal. 

Alli Barnes, Ph.D.

Alli is a lifelong health advocate and athlete and she has consistently and openly shared her experiences and knowledge through multiple successful start-up businesses in the health sector that owned and operated. She has vast experience and expertise in health, wellness, exercise, and anti-aging sciences and has earned degrees in Exercise Physiology, Biology, Nutrition, and Alternative Medicine. She is also certified in nutrition, holistic health coaching, A&P functional movement, herbalism, and yoga. 


Ray Crist

Ray Crist, of Jaguar Path,  has spent the last three decades immersed in shamanism, various styles of yoga,  Chinese medicine, martial arts, and Reiki. He has been offering workshops and trainings at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, NY Open Center, Yoga Journal, Blue Spirit, Boddhi Tree Yoga Resort and around the globe for over 15 years. Ray’s trainings focus on how to use shamanic tools and yoga as technologies that assist us to reach an optimal state of being in order to to live a balanced, empowered and extraordinary life. 

Chip Hartranf, PT

Chip Hartranf, PT (Yoga, Insight Meditation, Yoga-Sutra) bridges the traditions of yoga and Buddhism. He is the founding director of The Arlington Center, dedicated to the integration of yoga and dharma practice, and has taught a blend of yoga movement & insight meditation in the Boston area since 1978. 

An independent scholar of yoga and early Buddhism, Chip is the author of "The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali: a new translation with commentary" (Shambhala). His work has also been included in "The Wisdom of Yoga" by Stephen Cope, "Freeing The Body, Freeing The Mind" by Michael Stone, the Shambala Sun, and many other publications. 

Chip teaches the origins, evolution and practices of yoga and Buddhist traditions at Lesley University and at teacher trainings and retreats across the country. 


Wyly Brown, AIA

Wyly Brown is practicing architect and is a principal and founding partner of Leupold Brown Goldbach Architects, with offices in Germany and the US. Wyly holds a Bachelors of Art in Anthropology, and spent a number of years researching the connection between cultures and monuments through the reconstruction of full-scale, functional objects, often using historically accurate methods. Past projects include the reconstruction of Finnish reindeer-pulled sledges, Egyptian obelisks, British siege-engines, and Medieval man-powered cranes. After receiving a Masters of Architecture from Harvard University in 2006, he spent two years conducting research at the Institute of Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design, University of Stuttgart, Germany, on the topic of rapidly deployable disaster relief structures. In 2008, due to Wyly’s experience in innovative approaches to structure, he was hired at Behnisch Architekten. In the four years at Behnisch, Wyly developed parametric optimization design tools that were implemented on several award winning projects, including the Max-Aicher Speed Skating Arena in Inzell, the “Spider’s Web” of the Spinnereipark in Kolbermoor, and a High School in Ergolding. In 2014, he founded LBGO architects in Munich, with Andreas Leupold and Christian Goldbach. He approaches design through a process of analysis and optimization, searching for simple unified solutions to complex, and often contradicting, requirements. In addition to his professional practice, Wyly teaches and researches bamboo architecture as faculty at the Washington University in St. Louis, integrating indigenous building practices with contemporary design and construction capabilities and techniques,

Dr. Kristen E. Anderson, PH.D., LCPD

Dr. Anderson received her Master's of Education in Counselling at Bridgewater State College and her Master's of Science and Ph.D. in Gerontology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She has been counseling clients for over 20 years and maintains licensure in Illinois where she currently resides, as well as Massachusetts where she was born, raised, and plans to retire (someday!). 

She has enjoyed working with a diverse population ranging from students placed in alternative school settings (K - 12 +) to clinic work creating and facilitating intensive outpatient substance abuse group curriculum. While completing her doctoral studies in Gerontology, she acquired a Yoga Teacher Certification (YTT-200), with the intent of focusing her practice on aspects of Aging and Wellness. Currently, she assists clients in improving all domains of functioning in order to best target healthy aging choices. Dr. Anderson currently maintains a private practice in Chicago where she offers individual and group counseling; she teaches yoga and older adult strength training in the community.


Dr. David Callahan, Ph.D.

Dr. David Callahan received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Rochester in 1986. He is a former Co-director of Psychology Associates in Plymouth, Wareham and Sandwich, and was Chief of Psychology and Clinical Director of the Family Service Association of Greater Fall River Substance Abuse Clinic. He opened a private practice in Sandwich in 1995.

Dr. Callahan serves as a psychologist and consultant to St. Vincent's Services in Fall River and in 2017 moved his Cape office to Child and Family Services in Hyannis. He consults with multiple residential programs and state agencies.

Dr. Callahan specializes in the performance of neuropsychological evaluations of children, adolescents and adults.

His presentation “Brains Gone Wild” has been given to numerous agencies and organizations for several years.

Jodi Thomas

Jodi's fitness journey began 15 years ago. It included intense weight training, cardio, and yoga. Yoga quickly became an integral part of her fitness and wellness journey as an important practice to balance weight training, improve mobility, and be mindful of the importance of mind and body health. 

She earned her 200YT in 2018 with her yoga mentor and world-renowned yoga Michelle Fleming, whose instruction focuses not only on the mind and body practice but also on safety in physical postures. Jodi is also certified in Thai Massage Level 1 and Reiki II.

You will find Jodi's classes to be engaging, challenging, and appropriate for all levels as her poses are easily modified to accommodate all fitness levels. She believes that anyone can practice yoga, regardless of age and fitness level, and feels that yoga is beneficial for everyone. She teaches in a no-judgment space, loves to crack jokes (especially at her own expense), and encourages students to find new levels of possibilities in their practice. 


Cyndi Adams

Cyndi Adams is a mom of four, Advanced Reiki Healer, and owner and instructor of Twisted Spirit Yoga in Carver, MA. 

Twenty years ago she took her first yoga class whilst pregnant with her second baby. She had a 5-month old at home. She remembers being so nervous walking in and levitating out after that class. When that feeling lasted for days, she knew that she had found something she needed. 

Cyndi drifted in and out of her practice over the years and finally landed in 200hr teacher training. That time spent was so much more than learning how to teach others yoga. It was transformational and healing in every aspect of what makes Cyndi who she is.

Cyndi opened Twisted Spirit Yoga in 2015, and closed it in March 2020 (of course). She reopened the studio in October 2021 and opened her second studio in January 2022. She has been excited to see so many people actively seeking out new methods of self-care, and realizing the beauty of this practice. 

Jennifer Myette

Jen is a yoga asana teacher with a passion for the rich philosophy and vision of reality that is found within the tradition of yoga. For Jen modern yoga has been a gateway to the study and contemplation of the fundamental nature of reality, our psychology and essence-nature. Her practice satiates her inner longing for a spiritual path and is the driving force for health and wellbeing within her life. 

Teaching a vinyasa style with clarity and compassion, Jen approaches each class with a sense of responsibility. Through guided movement, breath, introspection and stillness she aspires to create an opportunity for her students to cultivate a greater awareness of themselves, health and healing in their lives and a love of yoga. 

Jen completed her 200hr and is set to complete her 500hr advanced training in the fall of 2022 with Ame Wren of Boston Yoga School. She also completed a 300hr Yoga Philosophy certification with Embodied Philosophy based out of NYC. Taught by renowned scholars and devotional leaders, its curriculum balanced a rigorous study of yoga’s philosophies, texts and history with an embodied engagement of yogas subtle practices including meditation, pranayama, chanting and contemplative inquiry. She is a student of the spiritual tradition of Tantric Shaivism through the teachings of Christopher Wallis and holds a special love for the study of yoga history. Jen is a devoted mother of 3 and lives on Cape Cod with her husband and daughters.  


Vanessa Pattison

Vanessa Pattison lives and passionately teaches meditation and yoga in San Juan del Sur,  Nicaragua where she built and runs the only yoga and meditation studio in town.  Originally from California, she traded the golden handcuffs (they're real and shiny) for a more authentic life which includes a surfboard. The surfboard is her husband's (he tricked her into moving) but the yoga studio and the people it serves are what keep her connected, inspired, and growing.  

A forever student she has acquired over 3,000 hours of yoga certifications in Hatha, Prenatal, Vinyasa, and Yin since 2005.  Vanessa has trained with many teachers in various styles of yoga but two of her first and most influential teachers were Peter Sterios, founder of Manduka, and James Bailey an Aryuvedic Doctor.  She co-founded Nicaragua Yoga Institute which hosts and runs Yoga Teacher Trainings and Wellness retreats year-round. Being a mother to three boys herself led Vanessa to support other women as a birth doula and she has assisted and/or delivered over 20 babies in Nicaragua and the United States. 

Trained and certified by The Chopra Center in Primordial Sound Meditation Vanessa will take you through a series of sessions to ignite or deepen your meditation practice. You will walk away with not only your very OWN mantra based on your place, date, and time of birth in Vedic astrology but also a greater understanding of your pure potential through this ancient yet relevant practice of meditation.  We will explore the practical aspects of how and why we practice, what gets in the way, and practice using our personal mantra as well as open ourselves up to higher states of consciousness.