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Past Retreats (Contact Us to Inquire for next Year!)

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Goddess Awakening Retreat

February 10-  17, 2024
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua
With Dr. Laura Tadd and Michelle Fleming

Yoga, breath work, sound healing, ecstatic dance, Thai Massage and so much other goodness awaits you on this transformational journey to reawaken the sacred feminine within. During this week of retreat, you will have the opportunity to go deep, delving into your divine nature, uncovering the Goddess within. With ample time for relaxing by the pool or walking the pristine beach and playing in the Pacific, both steps from your room, this week will leave you refreshed, renewed and EMPOWERED. 

Family Adventure Camp

February 17 - February 24, 2024
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua
With Michelle Fleming

These retreats have something for every member of your family! In addition to healthy meals and daily yoga, we offer surf lessons with expert locals, horseback riding on the beach, zipline tours, wildlife tours, cultural/historical tours, wellness and nutrition workshops with and much more!

You'll also have the opportunity to receive leading-edge healing modalities featuring therapeutic massage and Transformational Bodywork with Michelle.
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Transformational Yoga -

Back Care Retreat

March 2- March 9, 2024
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua
With Michelle Fleming 

If you've been working with, working on, or swearing at back pain, this might be the retreat for you! Maybe you have a new diagnosis, and not sure what it means for you practically. Learn how to care for your back in all its complexities throughout your personal yoga practice. Enjoy beautiful, fresh food by the beach, float in the pool, and choose your own adventure this week as you learn to work well with the back you have!
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Orthopedic Yoga Teacher Training: Immersion in Back Care Therapy

March 2- March 9, 2024
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua
With Michelle Fleming

In conjunction with the Bye Bye Back Pain Retreat above, this will include all the loveliness of the beautiful beachfront setting, delicious food, and relaxing activities.

In addition, this training will:
  • be a 40 Hour Elective and can be applied towards the 2024 Orthopedic Yoga Level 1 Certification, fulfilling all anatomy requirements, or
  • fulfill the Bridge program requirements, for people who have taken a YTT elsewhere and want to apply for the Orthopedic Yoga Therapy Level 2 program, or
  • can be a standalone program to help previously certified yoga teachers focus on working with clients who have back pain.
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True Transformation: a week designed to realign you on all levels. 

March 9-16, 2024
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua

Taught by Daphna Mosko & Michelle Fleming

Are you ready for a truly transformative experience?

-Do you have nagging pain or symptoms that you have not been able to get relief from?

-Have you been to various “specialists” looking for help and have been left feeling hopeless?

-Are you tired of feeling like you are in on downward curve instead of enjoying your “golden” years.

-Have you been wanting to implement healthy lifestyle changes but are unsure where to start?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then this week of transformational healing may be just what you have been waiting for!

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Introduction to Visceral Manipulation and Osteopathic Techniques

March 16- March 23, 2024
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua

Taught by Daphna Mosko & Michelle Fleming

Are you ready to dive deeper and expand your skill set?

In this 6 day course you will begin to look deeper than muscles and bones, examining and learning to work with the often overlooked and disregarded systems that the body actually highly prioritizes such as the viscera (organs), arteries, nerves and veins. This work can be supportive work for injury patterns, disc issues, incontinence, menstrual issues, nerve pain, car accidents, IBS, GURD, scoliosis, falls, concussions, pelvic imbalances, head aches, choric rolled ankles, just to give some examples. It is often the missing piece that helps people to move forward.

We will work together to help ourselves heal, supporting each other, and our community as we learn and practice this important work, while allowing ample time for integration on this beautiful beach paradise.

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Osteopathic techniques

Dr. Katina’s Chiro Camp: Awakening The Healer Within

March 23 - March 30, 2024   
Presented by Dr. Katina Manning DC and Michelle Fleming
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua

A training for doctors and healers, and a retreat for their souls.
This week includes life changing learning,  deep self care and restoration, a mission day to serve the community, in addition to organic meals, connections and a whole lot of fun!
You will deepen your skill set with multi-dimensional chiropractic tools, osteopathic techniques, fascial release training, neurological resets, and Orthopedic Yoga Therapy.
Come play and learn with us on this gorgeous beach!

Innovate Bamboo: Design / Build Workshop      

March 9-16, 2024
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua

Taught by Wyly Brown

In this workshop we will explore bamboo as a sustainable material for innovative structures. Bamboo is a natural composite with high tensile and compression strength and grows in a cylindrical form that is optimal for carrying longitudinal forces. Students will look at historic and contemporary precedence of bamboo as engineered products and as structural construction using simple poles. We will play with ways to connect, assemble, and build with this natural material. Finally, we will build large-scale models and prototypes of several simple structural designs. The goal is to explore the wide range of design and engineering potential of this natural, often overlooked, structural grass.
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Ritual Vinyasa: Earth

A Transformational Yoga Teacher Training

April 1-10, 2024                                         
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua
With Michelle Fleming

Yoga, in its essence, is a spiritual practice. Whatever your faith, however you experience your spirituality, our Ritual Vinyasa trainings will offer you the skills and perspective to bring deep meaning to your practice and to your classes. Learn to work with the chakras and elements: time-honored spiritual gateways into the human experience. Whether your students have ten minutes or two hours to devote to their practice, you will learn how to distill the essentials into their most beneficial form, and give them the tools they need to honor their inner wisdom.

Embodied Evolution: A Week of Deep Healing

February 3- February 10, 2024
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua
With Karin Edwards and Michelle Fleming

Learn to listen to the language of the body. Sensation, breath, and movement. In our modern world, there is a myth that the mind is separate from the body. Attune to all of the layers of your being: physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. There is another myth that we are separate from one another, and this creates profound loneliness. Experience a deep sense of community and belonging, and leave with skills and inspiration to bring back into your life at home.
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The Feminine Identity In Structural Integration:

February 10- February 17, 2024
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua
With Karin Edwards and Michelle Fleming

Join Structural Integration collogues Karin and Michelle for a beachfront retreat in Nicaragua with guest teacher Denise Foster Scott

Inclusive to all therapists who identify as female. This retreat is designed to honor and celebrate being female in the field of Structural Integration. 

Every experience is optional - You can attend the portions that appeal to you and also take personal time whenever you desire You can build your retreat into a personalized nurturing and transformative experience.