Rest, Recharge. & Reset

Saturday, March 1 - Saturday, March 8, 2025
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua
Co-Presented with Kim Wolff and Michelle Fleming

During this week, we take time to go into deep peace. Disconnecting from the busy pace of everyday living, we will learn to honor our bodies and heal our nervous systems.

All meals are provided, as well as twice daily yoga classes and nurturing practices to help you soothe your soul. Self-soothing is a skill we can improve throughout our life's journey, and this intensive will give you new tools to help you with life's ups and downs.

You will leave feeling calm, hopeful, and with the grounded, yet uplifted feeling we all seek.

Your retreat with us includes:
  • Accommodations within steps of the Pacific and also a lovely pool
  • Daily therapeutic yoga sessions with Michelle specifically designed to nurture you
  • 4 Daily and Nutritious meals and pre-yoga snacks, coffee and juice
  • Specialty workshops such as Thai Massage, Holotropic Breathwork, Meditation, Facial Cupping, Fascial Release and more!
  • Access to the Turtle Hatchery where the baby turtles make their trip to the Ocean

Optional Activities (not included in price)
  • Zip lining excursion
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Surf lessons

Meet The Instructors

Michelle Fleming

Michelle is a Yoga Therapist, a Thai Bodyworker, a Nerve and Artery specialist and a Board Certified Structural Integrator in the lineage of Ida Rolf. It was through these complementary practices of wellness that she healed her body - and from there Orthopedic Yoga Therapy was born.

These days she trains teachers and students to find a fluid pattern of movement that protects and nourishes the joints while stretching the muscles and connective tissue and quieting the mind. She is the owner of Sanctuary Wellness Studios, Director of Orthopedic Yoga and Transformational Yoga Therapy and founder of Equilibrium, a non-profit dedicated to bringing breath, movement and nutrition education to young people with anxiety and mood disorders. 

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Kim Wolff

 A natural empath and nurturer, Kim spent much of her time as a young adult volunteering at hospitals, soup kitchens, on a suicide hotline, and working with hospice care patients. It was when she pursued her certification in massage therapy that she found her true calling in helping others.

Kim has worked with some of the same people for the span length of her career, which she calls “an amazing gift and teacher.” Known for her intuition and ability to read the body, Kim draws great happiness from her connections with clients, and her ability to help them connect with their bodies. “I believe that the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself with time, patience, and persistence,” she says. Her clients repeatedly seek out her open, empathetic approach and keen ability to root out underlying problem areas.

Kim has broadened her expertise by earning certifications in Prenatal/Postpartum Massage,  Ashiatsu with a Twist, Oncology Massage and Thai Foot Massage. In 2021, she earned her 200 Yoga Teacher Training. She’s currently working on completing her BodyMind Coaching Certification and hopes to create a unique service to help clients with coaching, massage and yoga.