2023 Yoga Teacher Training: Plymouth, MA

Plymouth, MA

200 Hour Certification

Transformational Vinyasa, and Level 1 Orthopedic Yoga Therapy

Next in person and live online session begins January 2023
6 month program, one class per week and one weekend per month
At our partner studios, live online and by recording

This training teaches students how to teach Orthopedic Yoga Flow classes. The word “vinyasa” means to connect. A “ Vinyasa flow” class is one in which the poses are connected and move rhythmically from one to the next. This enables the joints to be bathed in synovial fluid, the internal, healing lubricant of the body. In this course, all levels of flow are taught so students will be able to teach in every situation, to all students. Students leave fully prepared to teach all levels of classes ranging from power style, sweaty and exhilarating classes, to gentle, slow therapeutic flows. The best part is, all students will graduate knowing how to support and protect their students, even those working with constraints or injuries. You will never have to say “If this pose doesn’t work for you, feel free to come into Child’s Pose.”; because you will have the knowledge to modify those postures for those students to make it safe for them. 

Jennifer Myette

Jen is a yoga asana teacher with a passion for the rich philosophy and vision of reality that is found within the tradition of yoga. For Jen modern yoga has been a gateway to the study and contemplation of the fundamental nature of reality, our psychology and essence-nature. Her practice satiates her inner longing for a spiritual path and is the driving force for health and wellbeing within her life. 

Teaching a vinyasa style with clarity and compassion, Jen approaches each class with a sense of responsibility. Through guided movement, breath, introspection and stillness she aspires to create an opportunity for her students to cultivate a greater awareness of themselves, health and healing in their lives and a love of yoga. 

Jen completed her 200hr and is set to complete her 500hr advanced training in the fall of 2022 with Ame Wren of Boston Yoga School. She also completed a 300hr Yoga Philosophy certification with Embodied Philosophy based out of NYC. Taught by renowned scholars and devotional leaders, its curriculum balanced a rigorous study of yoga’s philosophies, texts and history with an embodied engagement of yogas subtle practices including meditation, pranayama, chanting and contemplative inquiry. She is a student of the spiritual tradition of Tantric Shaivism through the teachings of Christopher Wallis and holds a special love for the study of yoga history. Jen is a devoted mother of 3 and lives on Cape Cod with her husband and daughters.  

200Hour YTT