The Feminine Identity in Structural Integration

February 10 - 17, 2024

Playa el Coco, Nicaragua

Join Structural Integration colleagues Karin and Michelle for a beachfront retreat in Nicaragua with guest teacher Denise Foster Scott.

Inclusive to all therapists who embody and identify being female. This retreat is designed to honor and celebrate being female in the field of Structural Integration. 

Every experience is optional. You can attend the portions that appeal to you and also take personal time whenever you desire. You can build your retreat into a personalized nurturing and transformative experience.

Your retreat with us includes:
  • Accommodations within steps of the Pacific and also a lovely pool
  • Daily therapeutic yoga sessions with Michelle specifically designed to nurture you
  • 3 Nutritious, locally sourced meals and pre-yoga snacks, coffee and juice, with excellent gluten-free and vegan options
  • Specialty workshops: 6 half-days plus some bonus offerings
  • Nature Immersion: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this beach, where the Turtle Hatchery releases baby turtles to make their trip to the ocean. Just a short walk south, explore otherworldly rock formations and hunt for seashells in the tidepools between the boulders. 

Highlights of this retreat:

  • Being Female in Our Current Times: Delving into the many facets of what it means to be female at this time in history

  • Using Structural Integration to Explore the Feminine Expression: How can the Structural Integration lens be useful in exploring feminine expression. How we can encourage the allowance of one taking ownership of who they are and how they exist in their world.  Integrating the inner knowledge of being female to the outer powerful expression of. 
  • Owning Your Own Truths: How do we relate to our own sense of our own gender and sexuality, as practitioners? A practitioner needs to be clear in themselves before they can truly see others. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and reflection, delving into your unique feminine identity. Guided by experienced facilitators, explore topics such as self-love, body acceptance, emotional healing, and embracing your authentic self. 
  • How can we better support clients in relation to their own gender journey? Cultivating a sense of belonging and understanding. Gain practical tools and strategies to help navigate challenges, build resilience, and thrive in their personal and professional endeavors.
  • Nourish Your Body and Soul: We’ll awaken to organic freshly pressed juices and locally sourced coffee, then head for oceanfront yoga with panoramic views of the Pacific. Three delicious locally sourced meals and snacks per day are provided. 

Base Package: $ 2099

the base package includes

  • All amenities listed above
  • 4 meals a day
  • shared housing 

Separate family housing is available, as well as childcare. Please inquire for options.

We have all the logistics dialed in for effortless travel. The beach is perfect and the pool is just lovely! Join us on this transformative journey as we celebrate and honor the divine feminine within us all!  Embrace your own unique feminine identity, reclaim your power, and ignite your inner radiance like never before. Together, let us create a space where the feminine can connect, grow, and thrive.

Workshops run Sunday-Friday. Travel will happen on Saturdays, or if your flights differ, let us know and we’ll discuss options.

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Meet The Instructors

Michelle elbow

Michelle Fleming

Michelle is a Yoga Therapist, a Thai Bodyworker, a Nerve and Artery specialist and a Board Certified Structural Integrator in the lineage of Ida Rolf. It was through these complementary practices of wellness that she healed her body - and from there Orthopedic Yoga Therapy was born.

These days she trains teachers and students to find a fluid pattern of movement that protects and nourishes the joints while stretching the muscles and connective tissue and quieting the mind. She is the owner of Sanctuary Wellness Studios, Director of Orthopedic Yoga and Transformational Yoga Therapy and founder of Equilibrium, a non-profit dedicated to bringing breath, movement and nutrition education to young people with anxiety and mood disorders. 

Karin Edwards

Karin Edwards is a Certified Advanced practitioner of Rolfing(R) Structural Integration. She has a BA in Women's Health and a blackbelt in Ki Aikido. For nearly 20 years, she has offered bodywork and movement sessions for adults, children, and babies. Karin teaches classes for the public on a wide range of health topics including the nervous system, the biology of pain, jaw self-care, foot health, posture, walking, and sitting. In her free time she loves partner dance and gardening.


Denise Foster Scott

BCSI, LMT, IASI & NCBTMB Approved Provider

Denise Is an advanced practitioner of Soma Structural Integration and creator of Reclaiming the Pelvic Floor, an external manual therapy workshop involving self awareness, group explorations, embodiment, psychosocial tracking, and trauma work. Denise has a long history of teaching, as a independent Continuing Education Provider as well as previously being a core Structural Integration and anatomy, physiology & kinesiology instructor for the Soma Institute of Structural Integration. She just recently stepped down in 2022 to enjoy coastal living, traveling, and her granddaughter more.