Upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings & Certifications


200 Hour Transformational Vinyasa               & Orthopedic Yoga Therapy Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training        

Next in person and live online session begins October 12, 2022
6 month program, one class per week and one weekend per month
At our partner studios, live online and by recording

Graduates leave this course, fully prepared to teach all levels of yoga classes ranging from sweaty and exhilarating power classes, to gentle and slow therapeutic flows. All levels of intensity are instructed to enable participants to graduate knowing how to support and protect all students in every situation, even those with common injuries. 

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1000 Hour Orthopedic Yoga Therapy Certification & Advanced Trainings

Our collegiate style yoga therapy program allows students to deeply investigate the subject matter that interests them most while going at the best pace suited for their life style.

Our unique, in depth curriculum allows our graduates to pursue meaningful work and study in locations ranging from clinics to beach side with our flexible schedule including In-person intensives in tropical locations, mentorships with respected professionals, online and hybrid courses.

Next 500 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training now accepting applications

Yoga Therapy Intensive and Mentorship in Bali 2023 open for registration

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Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Master Classes and Seminars designed to help you delve deeper, explore more, journey further and evolve.

Happy Hips & Lower Back
at the Yoga Room / Norwell

Thursday Sept 8, 2022 6:30pm-8:30pm 

Register at:
Webbs ProFitness

this class was created after Michelle witnessed a fellow student dislocated her knee in pigeon pose and be taken away from the class in an ambulance while the teacher went on to teach the same pose, in the same manner on the other side, She vowed to instruct yoga teachers and students how to safely, and effectively learn to open their hips and heal their lower backs, without damaging the knees. and generalized neck, back, shoulder, hip and knee disorders. Appointments are limited and go fast, inquire at the front desk for appointments.

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Orthopedic Yoga Therapy:
Fascial Release and Flow
Monday, September 12, 2022 :
7:30pm-8:30pm   Mini- Master class                                       $25
8:30pm-9:00pm   Yoga Teacher Training Info Session        FREE

R3BILT Fitness
502 Granite Ave, Milton, MA

All are welcome! Appropriate for beginners, advanced students, people in pain, Yoga teachers, and fitness enthusiasts.
Master Class for the Spine

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 :
6pm-8pm       Master Class for the Spine                    $65
8pm-8:30pm  Yoga Teacher Training Info Session   FREE

Twisted Spirit Yoga
128 Main St, Carver, MA

All are welcome! Appropriate for beginners, advanced students, people in pain, Yoga teachers, and fitness enthusiasts.
Dynamic Integration02
Dynamic Integration


Fri Sept 31:   7pm-9pm   Philosophy Lecture
Sat Oct 1:    10am-6pm   Seminar Part 1
Sun Oct 2:    9am-4pm    Seminar Part 2

Iron Dragon Martial Arts Studio
3372 Canton Rd
Marietta, GA 30066

Philosophy Lecture is FREE for all
Students: $395          
Doctors: $495 

What You Will Learn in these Seminars:

• To “See” Under the Surface
• To Listen and to Integrate All the Bodies Tones
• Why We Touch Lightly and Compress Deeply

• A New Approach to Tibiotalor Alignment
• A Neural and Osseuos Approach to Carple Tunnel Syndrome

Contact Endique @ 805-433-3594
Pay via VENMO “@endique” to hold your spot

Pre-Recorded Trainings and Classes

100-Hour Yoga Therapy for Brain Disorders

Next in-person and live session begins April 13, 2022 
3-month program, one class per week, and one weekend per month (April 22-24; May 20-22; and June 10-12)
At our partner studios, live online, and by recording

Led in partnership with Neuro-Psychologist Dr. David Callahan, Addiction Specialist Dr. Kristen Anderson, and Trauma Specialist Elisha Fernandes Simpson, LMSW, this 100 hour Yoga Therapy certification is where yoga and neurology intersect. Learn to treat mood disorders such as depression and anxiety; degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, and MS; substance abuse, PTSD, and TBIs. Combining yoga therapy and trauma sensitive education, with neurology and psychiatry this truly holistic training provides a full spectrum approach.

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Orthopedic Yoga Back Care Program (Spring 2023) 

Next in person and live online session begins April 2023
3 month program, one class per week and one weekend per month
At our partner studios, live online, and by recording

This course focuses on spinal care, as well as the rehabilitation of spinal injuries and conditions such as herniated disks, stenosis, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, pinched nerve and generalized back care. There is a microcosmic focus on the anatomy from the perspective of the joints, and a macrocosmic focus from the perspective of fascial tensegrity. These focuses allow us to both home in for a detailed view of the injurious site as well as to pan out, capturing a holistic perspective in an effort to both discover and alter the factors that are contributing to that injury. It teaches a combination of manual, movement and neuro therapies designed to re-balance and rehab the body from a holistic perspective. It focuses on treating individual clients to help them rehab from current and past injuries and educating groups on how to restructure and reorganize to prevent future injuries.