Mind & Body Education Vacation

January 18 - January 25, 2025
Led by Sharon Rose, LAc, MSAOM, and Michelle Fleming
Playa el Coco, Nicaragua

Do you love to learn, but need a break? Come relax with us and learn all the things we ought to have been taught as kids, about how to care for ourselves - mind, body, and brain. Between relaxing meals and gentle yoga classes, we will delve into lifehacks that can easily enrich your experience and help you to feel more at home in your life.

Awaken to organic fresh juices and locally sourced coffee then head to the ocean front yoga platform for yoga with panoramic views of the Pacific.  Take part in our amazing classes, before lunch and a siesta. Late afternoon and evenings are your own: to rest, enjoy the ocean, read, hang out with other attendees, or opt into a bonus
activity. Your choice!


Workshops & Workouts

Evening and afternoon workshops:

  • Nervous System Regulation in a Challenging World
  • Easy Advanced Bodywork - for yourself & loved ones!
  • Intro to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory 
  • Self-Acupressure Techniques to help with common ailments
  • Accessible, Fun Workouts for Every Body! This class will teach updated basic principles to make your exercise safe and effective. With her past experience as both a bodybuilder and a person living with chronic pain, Sharon will be the perfect guide to bring your body, exactly as it is, into movement patterns to build strength and stabilize joints safely.

Your retreat with us includes:

  • Accommodations within steps of the Pacific
  • Daily Orthopedic Yoga Therapy sessions
  • 4 Daily and Nutritious meals and pre-yoga snacks, coffee and juice
Optional Activities (may incur an expense)
  • Zip lining excursion
  • Private acupuncture / massage treatments by Sharon or Michelle
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Surf lessons
  • Beach walks (shell collecting!)
  • Animal safaris
  • Water Ceremonies and other Rituals led by Michelle
  • Learn to bodysurf in the ocean
  • Enjoy dance parties in the pool
  • Who knows what else will happen? Last year we did a group trip into town for pizza and karaoke! All classes and activities are optional.

Meet Your Instructors


Sharon Rose, LAc, MSAOM

Sharon first learned functional anatomy and biomechanics as a personal trainer and noncompetitive bodybuilder. Her background in fitness - and experience with severe injury and recovery - gives her an advanced understanding of chronic pain and muscular & joint problems. Sharon attended both chiropractic school and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, where she earned a Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2004. The curriculum there included Tuina (deep tissue massage) and Qi Gong (energy work). 

In 2001, a car accident left Sharon crippled and housebound.  She went from being a rock-climbing martial artist to being trapped on her couch, nearly suicidal from the constant pain. Once she discovered acupuncture and osteopathy, her body was finally able to heal itself. That experience and the complete recovery that followed gave Sharon a greater understanding of the emotional and physical effects of chronic pain, allowing her to more thoroughly relate to her patients. She can truly say that she has been there, and she knows how to help you come back to being yourself.

Sharon's personal interests include science, the SCA (Ancient Rome living history), photography, tabletop gaming, travel, Star Wars cosplay and LARP, and metalsmithing (making jewelry).

Michelle Fleming

Michelle is a Yoga Therapist, a Thai Bodyworker, a Nerve and Artery specialist and a Board Certified Structural Integrator in the lineage of Ida Rolf. It was through these complementary practices of wellness that she healed her body - and from there Orthopedic Yoga Therapy was born.

These days she trains teachers and students to find a fluid pattern of movement that protects and nourishes the joints while stretching the muscles and connective tissue and quieting the mind. She is the owner of Sanctuary Wellness Studios, Director of Orthopedic Yoga and Transformational Yoga Therapy and founder of Equilibrium, a non-profit dedicated to bringing breath, movement and nutrition education to young people with anxiety and mood disorders. 

Michelle elbow